Building a Better Delta Lake with Talend and Databricks

With the introduction of Delta Lake last year, a well-tested pattern of building out the bronze, silver, and gold data architecture approach has proven useful. This session will review how to use Talend Data Fabric to accelerate the development of a Delta Lake using highly productive, scalable, and enterprise ready data flow tools. Covered in this section are demonstrations of ingesting ‘Bronze’ data, refining ‘Silver’ data tables, and performing Feature Engineering for ‘Gold’ tables.

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About Michael Destein


Michael Destein is a data junkie. Going back to the 1990’s he has been focused on data integration, data management, and data analytics. With roles in solution architecture, product management, product marketing, industry solutions, sales, and now leading ISV partnerships for Talend he knows how to apply data and data management to complex business problems and extract superior business results.

About Cameron Davie​


Cameron works as a technical advisor and consultant with Talend’s most strategic technology partners, understanding and sharing the details of the technical integrations between Talend and our partners’ array of products and platforms.