Transforming Security Analytics for the Cloud Age

Defending against sophisticated cyber criminals and nation state attackers requires the operationalization of data analytics. Legacy approaches have been fraught with visibility challenges, false positives or cost constraints. In this casual, fireside chat Kelcey Tietjen will discuss how he sees the transformation of security operations. Mr. Tietjen will share the opportunities, the challenges, and the impact of moving to analytics focused security operations. Mr. Tietjen has led security strategy and operations, in commercial and government orgs. He has seen multiple tech waves from the early days of incident response tools to big data to cloud. Attendees can take the panel’s insights to improve security operations and refine analytics practices.

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About Kelcey Tietjen

Sandia National Labs

I am a veteran information security professional with in-depth experience in incident response and digital forensics. I have worked for several Fortune 500 companies consulting on incident response, eDiscovery, application assessments, threat identification and digital forensics capability augmentation. I have lead several computer incident response teams for the US Department of Energy and National Labs. I am currently leading information security operations and engineering for a large global enterprise, which involved building a security operations center, selecting and implementing incident response tools, configuring central log management, enterprise full packet capture and hiring and managing a global CIRT from the ground up. I have a passion for incident response and implementing security in a means to maintain business operations while providing increased visibility and risk mitigation.