Delight: An Improved Apache Spark UI, Free, and Cross-Platform

May 28, 2021 11:40 AM (PT)

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Delight ( is a free & cross-platform monitoring dashboard for Apache Spark, which display system metrics (CPU Usage, Memory Usage) along with Spark information (jobs, stages, tasks) on the same timeline. Delight is a great complement to the Spark UI when it comes to troubleshooting your Spark application and understanding its performance bottleneck. It works freely on top of any Spark platform (whether it’s open-source or commercial, in the cloud or on-premise). You can install it using an open-sourced Spark agent (


In this session, the co-founders of Data Mechanics will take you through performance troubleshooting sessions with Delight on real-world data engineering pipelines. You will see how Delight and the Spark UI can jointly help you spot the performance bottleneck of your applications, and how you can use these insights to make your applications more cost-effective and stable.

In this session watch:
Jean-Yves Stephan, CEO and Co-Founder, Data Mechanics
Julien Dumazert, CTO and Co-Founder, Data Mechanics


Jean-Yves Stephan

Jean-Yves is the Co-Founder & CEO of Data Mechanics, a cloud-native spark platform available on AWS, GCP, and Azure. Their mission is to make Spark more developer friendly and cost-effective for data ...
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Julien Dumazert

Julien is the co-founder and CTO of Data Mechanics, a YCombinator-backed startup building a cloud-native data engineering platform. Their solution is deployed on a managed Kubernetes cluster inside th...
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