Growing the Delta Ecosystem to Rust and Python with Delta-RS

In this session we will introduce the delta-rs project which is helping bring the power of Delta Lake outside of the Spark ecosystem. By providing a foundational Delta Lake library in Rust, delta-rs can enable native bindings in Python, Ruby, Golang, and more.We will review what functionality delta-rs supports in its current Rust and Python APIs and the upcoming roadmap.

We will also give an overview of one of the first projects to use it in production: kafka-delta-ingest, which builds on delta-rs to provide a high throughput service to bring data from Kafka into Delta Lake.

About R Tyler Croy

R. Tyler Croy leads the Platform Engineering organization at Scribd and has been an open source developer for over 14 years. His open source work has been in the FreeBSD, Python, Ruby, Puppet, Jenkins, and now Delta Lake communities. The Platform Engineering team at Scribd has invested heavily in Delta and has been building new open source projects to expand the reach of Delta Lake across the organization.