Aaron Colcord - Databricks

Aaron Colcord

Director of Engeineering, FIS Global

Aaron is the Director of Engineering, serving FIS Global’s big data initiative within its Digital Finance Division. Aaron has over 20 years in developing Business Intelligence solutions and has participated in technical editorship of several Big Data books. Aaron holds a Master degree in Information Technology from University of Wisconsin.


How to Use Millions of Mobile Activity Logs to Understand Our Customers, in Real Time!

A mobile application is only as good as our design and how customers use it. But how do they use it? We've got over 35 million devices running our mobile banking platform, and we need to understand each and every one of them. Is the customer enjoying their experience, are they lost, or are they a fraudulent hacker 3000 miles away? We developed an algorithm to examine the user's workflow so we can perform near real-time analysis of their online activities. We leverage Spark's Structured Streaming, ML Pipelines & GraphFrames, and good old fashioned grit to gain insights that allow us to improve our mobile app. For good measure, we added fraud detection to the mix so we can use artificial intelligence to detect any strange or alarming patterns.