Alon Rosenthal

Co-Founder and CEO, SecuPi Security Solutions Ltd.

Alon is a serial entrepreneur, the co-founder & CEO of SecuPi. He has invented and built the first dynamic masking platform in his first successful company and has won twice the Gartner cool vendor award. For the last 15 years he has been building platforms for protecting data privacy across business applications in the largest corporations worldwide.



Encryption and Masking for Sensitive Apache Spark Analytics Addressing CCPA and GovernanceSummit 2020

Data protection requires a balance between encryption and analytics. Encrypted data is protected but limits its value. In the session we will provide a variety of practical methods that enable to encrypt the data (as required for HIPAA, CCPA, PCI and data cross border controls) - yet maintaining its analytics power. These methods include encryption at-rest and in-use, dynamic masking, selective value searches of encrypted columns and column/row level filtering (for 'Right of erasure'.)

Alon Rosenthal