Bennie Haelen

Architect , Insight Digital Innovation

“Bennie is a principal architect with Insight Digital Innovation. Insight Digital Innovation is a Microsoft and Databricks partner. Insight was honored to receive the Databricks national consulting and SI partner of the year award.

As Principal architect with Insight, Bennie’s primary focus areas are Modern Data Warehousing, Machine learning, AI and IoT on the Azure cloud platform. Bennie has overseen many Data + AI projects in different application domains such as public sector, oil & gas and financial applications.

Bennie has architected and delivered real time streaming applications with Databricks, Spark Structured Streaming, Delta Lake and Microsoft Power BI for various IoT applications.

Bennie has been a frequent speaker at Databricks events at a number of Microsoft Technology Centers around the country.”

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Build Real-Time Applications with Databricks Streaming

May 28, 2021 11:40 AM PT

In this presentation, we will study a recent use case we implemented recently. In this use case we are working with a large, metropolitan fire department. Our company has already created a complete analytics architecture for the department based upon Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Delta Lake, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Server Analytics Services (SSAS). While this architecture works very well for the department, they would like to add a real-time channel to their reporting infrastructure.

This channel should serve up the following information: •The most up-to-date locations and status of equipment (fire trucks, ambulances, ladders etc.)

• The current locations and status of firefighters, EMT personnel and other relevant fire department employees

• The current list of active incidents within the city The above information should be visualized through an automatically updating dashboard. The central component of the dashboard will be map which automatically updates with the locations and incidents. This view should be as real-time as possible and will be used by the fire chiefs to assist with real-time decision-making on resource and equipment deployments.

In this presentation, we will leverage Databricks, Spark Structured Streaming, Delta Lake and the Azure platform to create this real-time delivery channel.

In this session watch:
Bennie Haelen, Architect , Insight Digital Innovation