Bill Nye

Scientist, Engineer, Comedian, Author, and Inventor,

Bill Nye—scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor—is a man with a mission: to help foster a scientifically literate society and to help people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work.

Perhaps best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill’s wit and enthusiasm garnered 18 Emmy awards. Bill is also an author and frequent speaker on topics of global importance including climate change, evolution, population, space exploration, and STEM education. He is a steadfast champion of the unwavering value of critical thinking, science, and reason.

Most recently, Nye was the subject of the documentary film Bill Nye: Science Guy. This behind the scenes portrait of Nye follows him as he takes off his Science Guy lab coat and takes on those who would deny climate change, evolution, and a science-based worldview.
His 2014 debate with a creationist who believes the earth is only 6,000 years old has been viewed nearly
6.5 million times on YouTube. After that experience, Bill wrote his first book for a general audience, Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, which went on to become a New York Times bestseller. He is also the author of seven children’s books, including his most recent best-selling fiction series, Jack and the Geniuses.

Nye also serves as CEO of the Planetary Society, the world’s largest space-interest group. And, as an inventor, he holds a number of unusual patents, including an improved toe shoe for ballerinas, a device to help people learn to throw a baseball better, a magnifier made of water, and an abacus that does arithmetic like the computer – with only binary numbers.

Nye graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell University and returned there as a visiting professor from 2001-2005. In 2010, Bill joined the ranks of his astronomy professor Carl Sagan when he was elected the American Humanist Association’s “Humanist of the Year.”

Through all of his work, Bill hopes to inspire people everywhere to change the world.


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