Brad Miro

Developer Programs Engineer, Google

Brad is passionate about educating the world about artificial intelligence both by empowering developers and improving societal understanding. He is currently a Developer Programs Engineer at Google where he specializes in machine learning and big data solutions. Outside of work, Brad can be found singing, climbing, playing board games and locating the best restaurants in New York City.



Introduction to TensorFlow 2.0Summit Europe 2019

The release of TensorFlow 2.0 comes with a significant number of improvements over its 1.x version, all with a focus on ease of usability and a better user experience. We will give an overview of what TensorFlow 2.0 is and discuss how to get started building models from scratch using TensorFlow 2.0's high-level api, Keras. We will walk through an example step-by-step in Python of how to build an image classifier. We will then showcase how to leverage a transfer learning to make building a model even easier! With transfer learning, we can leverage other pretrained models such as ImageNet to drastically speed up the training time of our model. TensorFlow 2.0 makes this incredibly simple to do.