Bryan Christian

Enterprise AI and Analytics Lead, Navy Federal Credit Union

Bryan Christian is the Enterprise AI & Analytics Lead at Navy Federal Credit Union where he leads data science, MLOps, BI data visualization, and analytics adoption for the enterprise analytics transformation. He joined Navy Federal in 2018 and has worked across Member Research and Intelligence, Debit Card and Fund Services, Savings Products Division, and now Mission Data. Partnering cross-functionally across the organization, Bryan has led the development of machine learning models and capabilities that drive operational effectiveness and provide more personalized experiences for Navy Federal members. He also has a passion for democratizing these machine learning capabilities across the enterprise. In 2020, Bryan was awarded the President’s Award for Service Excellence at Navy Federal. Bryan holds a Ph.D. from Duke University and an MBA from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 A Practical Enterprise Feature Store on Delta Lake

May 27, 2021 05:00 PM PT

The feature store is a data architecture concept used to accelerate data science experimentation and harden production ML deployments. Nate Buesgens and Bryan Christian describe a practical approach to building a feature store on Delta Lake at a large financial organization. This implementation has reduced feature engineering "wrangling" time by 75% and has increased the rate of production model delivery by 15x. The approach described focuses on practicality. It is informed by innovative approaches such as Feast, but our primary goal is evolutionary extensions of existing patterns that can be applied to any Delta Lake architecture. 


Key Takeaways:

- Understand the key use cases that motivate the feature store from both a data science and engineering perspective. 

- Consider edge cases where there may be opportunities for simplification such as "online" predictions. 

- Review a typical logical data model for a feature store and how that can be applied to your business domain. 

- Consider options for physical storage of the feature store in the Delta Lake. 

- Understand common access patterns including metadata-based feature discovery.

In this session watch:
Bryan Christian, Data Science Lead, Navy Federal Credit Union
Nathan Buesgens, Data Architecture and ML Engineering Consultant, Accenture