Erik Schlegel - Databricks

Erik Schlegel

Senior Engineer, Microsoft

Erik is a senior engineer at Microsoft, and based in the New York City area. He’s an open source enthusiast and one of the earlier contributors to the react native UWP platform. Erik leads the engineering effort of Project Fortis, an open source early warning humanitarian surveillance insight platform built through Spark and machine learning technologies.



Social Media, Spark, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization to Find Patterns and InsightSummit 2017

How can humanitarian aid field experts use social media to gain insight, understand trends and track key humanitarian issues? What can social media tell us that firsthand data can’t? How can social media alert experts to identify emerging trends that could have a profound impact? These are some of the questions that Microsoft and the United Nations set out to investigate and understand when they started working together on Project Fortis. What they learned was that by using advanced machine learning techniques, Apache Spark, GraphQL, React, integrated social media with a range of public and privately available data, and applying powerful data visualization techniques, they could indeed provide deeper insight and awareness to humanitarian disasters such as refugee displacement, terrorist attacks, disease outbreaks, famine, etc. From that, Project Forti Session hashtag: #SFeco8