Francois Callewaert

Data Scientist, Databricks

Francois Callewaert received his PhD from Northwestern University, Evanston, in the field of Electrical Engineering, pioneering the use of computational optimization methods for the design of electromagnetic devices. Francois first joined Microsoft as a data scientist for the Office 365 Customer Success Engineering team, where he developed analytics, models and recommender systems to improve the customer support quality. Francois recently joined Databricks as a Data Scientist in the Data Team, where he has been developing analytics tools and models to better understand how the customer and user experiences. Francois leverages the Databricks platform heavily to process large amounts of data and offer powerful visualizations to the Databricks community. His main interests are machine learning, data mining, modelling, visualization and data services to solve customer-centered business challenges, as well as hiking and biking in beautiful California.



Redash: Easily Visualize, Dashboard, and Share your DataSummit 2020

Learn more about Redash from our summit keynote during this product walkthrough. Redash makes it easy to explore, query, visualize, and share data. Get started easily with simple SQL queries, quickly turn them into dashboards, and develop them into powerful workflows with Alerts and APIs. Data teams can leverage Redash with the complete, reliable, and up-to-date data from Delta Lake as part of a lakehouse architecture. We’ll show you Redash in action, as well as how it’s been used by our data science team to develop market insights.