Imran Younus - Databricks

Imran Younus

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer, IBM

Imran is data scientist and machine learning engineer at IBM Spark Technology Center. He focuses on improving spark machine learning capabilities and developing data applications showcasing spark. He holds a PhD in experimental particle physics from Syracuse University.



Immersive Data Visualization Using SparkSummit 2016

Immersive Data Visualization is a new trend where data scientists can perceive and manipulate Spark-powered data in VR using new tools such as the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion. Virtual Reality presents many exciting opportunities for the perception and manipulation of the data we process. VR represents data not just in 3D, but in a 3D that you can reach out and touch, and feel. Whereas your computer screen can represent a flat 3D image, in VR these 3D images are tracked by your head movements. You have depth perception in VR. In this way, visualizing data such as graph data in 3-dimensions allows us to more effectively perceive this data, especially data with many many dimensions. Without Spark, we would never be able to process big data in realtime to power these visualizations as you manipulate data. With Spark and cluster computing, a data scientist can manipulate and explore their data using conventional tools in one window, while simultaneously perceiving that data in a rich new way. For my presentation, I'll have a live demo of an Immersive Data Visualization app we've been building at IBM. We'll have a station where anyone can try out immersive data visualization for themselves. Seeing is believing!

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