Jack Ploshnick

Customer Data Scientist, Splice Machine

Jack Ploshnick is a Customer Data Scientist at Splice Machine. His work focuses on using analytics to support the sales and marketing teams, as well as onboarding new customers. Prior to Splice Machine, Jack worked in politics as a data scientist. Jack received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Unified MLOps: Feature Stores & Model Deployment

May 27, 2021 11:35 AM PT

If you’ve brought two or more ML models into production, you know the struggle that comes from managing multiple data sets, feature engineering pipelines, and models. This talk will propose a whole new approach to MLOps that allows you to successfully scale your models, without increasing latency, by merging a database, a feature store, and machine learning.

Splice Machine is a hybrid (HTAP) database built upon HBase and Spark. The database powers a one of a kind single-engine feature store, as well as the deployment of ML models as tables inside the database. A simple JDBC connection means Splice Machine can be used with any model ops environment, such as Databricks.

The HBase side allows us to serve features to deployed ML models, and generate ML predictions, in milliseconds. Our unique Spark engine allows us to generate complex training sets, as well as ML predictions on petabytes of data.

In this talk, Monte will discuss how his experience running the AI lab at NASA, and as CEO of Red Pepper, Blue Martini Software and Rocket Fuel, led him to create Splice Machine. Jack will give a quick demonstration of how it all works.

In this session watch:
Jack Ploshnick, Corporate (CIO, CTO, Chief Data Officer), Splice Machine
Monte Zweben, CEO and Co-Founder, Splice Machine