Jakub Sanojca - Databricks

Jakub Sanojca

Security Researcher, Avast

AI and network security researcher at Avast with experience in telco, medicine and cybersecurity.



AI on Spark for Malware Analysis and Anomalous Threat DetectionSummit Europe 2019

At Avast, we believe everyone has the right to be safe. We are dedicated to creating a world that provides safety and privacy for all, not matter where you are, who you are, or how you connect. With over 1.5 billion attacks stopped and 30 million new executable files monthly, big data pipelines are crucial for the security of our customers. At Avast we are leveraging Apache Spark machine learning libraries and TensorflowOnSpark for a variety of tasks ranging from marketing and advertisement, through network security to malware detection.

This talk will cover our main cybersecurity usecases of Spark. After describing our cluster environment we will first demonstrate anomaly detection on time series of threats. Having thousands of types of attacks and malware, AI helps human analysts select and focus on most urgent or dire threats. We will walk through our setup for distributed training of deep neural networks with Tensorflow to deploying and monitoring of a streaming anomaly detection application with trained model.

Next we will show how we use Spark for analysis and clustering of malicious files and large scale experimentation to automatically process and handle changes in malware. In the end, we will give comparison to other tools we used for solving those problems.