James Hibbard

Data Engineer, Seattle Childrens

James Hibbard is a data engineer with seven years of experience working within biomedical research. He is currently at Seattle Childrens where he is developing frameworks and methods for integrating medical records with multi-omics datasets to improve care.


Translating Models to Medicine, a Minimal Example Using Open COVID-19 DataSummit 2020

Seattle Children’s is dedicated to providing the best medical care possible through strategies which include researchers and clinicians working alongside each other to improve our understanding of pediatric diseases. Full realization of this relationship requires systems and processes designed to enable the capture, discovery, and effective communication of knowledge and information. So how do we enable the translation of knowledge and expertise, generated by our scientists and clinicians, to improve patient care?

In this talk we will discuss how we are building a loosely coupled framework comprised of MLflow, Vega-lite, and other open source tools as part of our knowledge capture and management strategy. We will use examples from open COVID-19 data sets to show how we capture and manage models and couple them to visualizations in a way that makes them discoverable and shareable to clinicians.