Jarrett Garcia

Director, Software Services and Quality, Nielsen

Jarrett leads Nielsen Data Science’s Tools and Platforms team. The team has spent over a decade building analytic tools and ushering in new technology. Jarrett’s background in software technology, platforms, and practices has enabled Nielsen’s data science professionals to deliver cutting edge solutions to their clients.Jarrett is also a recent graduate of the Nielsen’s Diversity Leadership Program and enjoys attending board gaming conventions.



Scaling Your Skillset with Your DataSummit Europe 2017

More data is being created than ever before and the rate at which it is being created is not slowing. This means that new techniques are being developed and used to tackle big data challenges. At Nielsen, big data means opportunities for new products like digital measurement, but also exposed a skills gap for dealing with big data. This session will cover Nielsen’s successful implementation of Spark and Databricks which has allowed Nielsen to scale its products and its Data Scientists’ skillsets.