Jason Trost

Head of Analytic Engines, HSBC

Jason Trost is Head of Analytic Engines in HSBC’s Cybersecurity Sciences and Analytics division. He is deeply interested in network security, DFIR, big data and security data science. He has worked in security for nearly 15 years, spending most of that time on applying big data technologies and data science against cyber security challenges. He started his career with the U.S. Dept of Defense before transitioning into private industry, working at multiple cyber security startups then in the Cyber security department of Capital One, and most recently at HSBC. He is currently leading teams focused on Cybersecurity metrics and reporting as well as network, endpoint, and cloud security analytics. He is a regular attendee of Big Data and security conferences, and he has spoken at Blackhat, SANS CTI Summit, FloCon, Hadoop Summit and several BSides Security conferences.

Past sessions

Cloud, Cost, Complexity, and threat Coverage are top of mind for every security leader. The Lakehouse architecture has emerged in recent years to help address these concerns with a single unified architecture for all your threat data, analytics and AI in the cloud. In this talk, we will show how Lakehouse is essential for effective Cybersecurity and popular security use-cases. We will also share how Databricks empowers the security data scientist and analyst of the future and how this technology allows cyber data sets to be used to solve business problems.

In this session watch:
George Webster, Global Head of Cybersecurity Science and Analytics, HSBC
Monzy Merza, Vice President of Cybersecurity Go-to-Market, Databricks
Jason Trost, Head of Analytic Engines, HSBC