Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski

Co-Founder & CTO, Starburst

Kamil is a technology leader in the large-scale data warehousing and analytics space. He is CTO of Starburst, the enterprise Trino company. Prior to co-founding Starburst, Kamil was the Chief Architect at the Teradata Center for Hadoop in Boston, focusing on the open source SQL engine Presto. Previously, he was the co-founder and chief software architect of Hadapt, the first SQL-on-Hadoop company, acquired by Teradata in 2014.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Why Lakehouse Architecture Now?

May 26, 2021 03:15 PM PT

This talk will explore failures of the enterprise data warehouse paradigm which have created the need for the lakehouse paradigm. Starburst will also showcase how we power SQL-based interactive analytics on Delta Lake, the foundation for lakehouse architecture.

In this session watch:
Justin Borgman, Co-Founder & CEO, Starburst
Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, Co-Founder & CTO, Starburst
Daniel Abadi, PhD, Darnell-Kanall Professor of Computer Science and Chief Scientist, Starburst


Kamil Bajda Pawlikowski