Keesjan de Vries - Databricks

Keesjan de Vries

Data Scientist,

After my PhD in High Energy Physics I joined, where I’ve been working as a Data Scientist in Fraud prevention. Since January 2016, I’ve mainly focussed on prevention of credit card fraud: using machine learning to build a real time fraud prevention engine.


Building a Real-Time Fraud Prevention Engine Using Open Source (Big Data) Software

Fraudsters attempt to pay for goods, flights, hotels - you name it - using stolen credit cards. This hurts both the trust of card holders and the business of vendors around the world. We built a Real-Time Fraud Prevention Engine using Open Source (Big Data) Software: Spark, Spark ML, H2O, Hive, Esper. In my talk I will highlight both the business and the technical challenges that we've faced and dealt with.