Krishanu Nandy

Senior Consultant, Data and Analytics, Slalom Consulting

Krishanu is a data engineer and data scientist at Slalom. In particular, he enjoys architecting comprehensive end-to-end data solutions that bring value to both technical as well as non-technical end users.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 A Modern Culture of Data Powered By Slalom + Databricks

May 27, 2021 04:25 PM PT

Data, tools, and technology are nothing without people. And people make culture. At Slalom, we have developed a global offering on a modern culture of data – one of experimentation and innovation, where people have the power to accelerate business outcomes with rapid insights. Only by adapting your business culture — the mindsets and behaviors of your people — do we believe that you can realize the full potential of your investments in data and analytics. Slalom has partnered with Databricks to build a delivery framework using the best that both organizations have to offer. By combining our collective expertise across industries, Slalom’s practices, data engineering, data science and operationalization, we’ve put together an acceleration path capable of sprinting you towards your bold vision of transformation powered by data.

In this talk, we will walk through the five pillars of a Modern Culture of Data:

  1. Bold Vision
  2. Access & Transparency
  3. Guardianship
  4. Data Literacy
  5. Ways of Working

We’ll cover why they are important and how Databricks not only supports, but enables and empowers each of these pillars for our customers.


Krishanu Nandy