Matt Maccaux

Field CTO – HPE Ezmeral Software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Matt Maccaux has been working with clients across many industries for the past 20 years at some of the biggest technology companies in the world. For the past 8 years, Matt has focused on the big data, analytics, and data science space, helping customers define and implement enterprise-wide programs to accelerate their time to market using advanced analytics and platforms. In his current role as the Global Field CTO for HPE Ezmeral Software, Matt works with executives to develop roadmaps and strategies for their next generation analytics using AI/ML/DL and providing those capabilities as-a-Service to the enterprise.

Past sessions

The final wave of Digital Transformation is upon us! Now that we’ve eliminated the paper, cut the cords, and deployed our applications in the cloud the only thing left is the data. It turns out that this is a lot more difficult than expected because data platforms are heavy and important to the organization, requiring new thinking to modernize. At the core of these modernized platforms is Spark – a platform that fully matured in the Hadoop ecosystem and now finds itself at the center of Data Science and Data Engineering platforms. The trick is to leverage the capabilities of Spark and the cloud principles of modern applications, to provide the ideal user experience and to do so where the enterprise data lives – on-premises!

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Matt Maccaux, Field CTO – HPE Ezmeral Software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Matt Maccaux