Myles McDonald

Technology Alliances Manager, Fivetran

Myles McDonald, an animated alliance manager of 4 years, manages some of the largest cloud providers in the world for Fivetran. He believes alliances bring hyper-growth companies together to help customers succeed at scale and realize even greater ROI from their technology stack.

Past sessions

Join this session to hear how Databricks is leveraging automated data pipelines and the lakehouse architecture to drive data insights across marketing. By using Fivetran to pull data from a number of marketing data sources such as Salesforce and Marketo, and ingesting it into the Delta Lake, Databricks’ marketing team greatly simplifies the data engineering process. This allows the team to focus on developing ML models for predictive insights that improve conversion and marketing ROI. The results are easily rendered on Tableau dashboards to empower analysts and other cross-functional teams. 


Session attendees  will learn how to:

  • Transform disparate structured and unstructured data into dependable marketing insights from the Databricks Lakehouse Platform using Delta Lake
  • Leverage a unified platform for data engineering, data science and analytics for higher-value (and more fulfilling) work by pivoting to automated data pipelines
  • Empower your team to access the data they need for analysis - regardless of coding abilities
In this session watch:
Chris Klaczynski, Marketing Data Analyst, Databricks
Myles McDonald, Technology Alliances Manager, Fivetran