Patrick Baginski

Senior Director of Data Science, McDonald’s,

Patrick Baginski has over 10 years of experience with a background in MLOps, applied machine learning, experimentation and product management. At McDonald’s, his key focus is leading McDonald’s data science and machine learning teams to build large scale ML applications across various platforms and powering Machine Learning operations for amazing customer experiences. Prior to McDonald’s, he was a member of McKinsey, providing value to clients as a data scientist and manager as well as at GoPro, Salesforce and in the mobility space.


Thursday Morning Keynote Summit 2021

The pursuit of AI is one of the biggest priorities in data today. Databricks co-founders Reynold Xin and Patrick Wendell will cover the latest advancements on the Apache Spark and MLflow projects.


Additionally, the keynote will explore how data scientists are using Databricks to develop and operationalize machine learning models at scale, and the new enhancements to the Databricks platform to make the machine learning workflow even easier and more powerful. 


Speakers include:

Ali Ghodsi - Databricks

Brooke Wenig - Databricks 

Clemens Mewald - Databricks

Patrick Baginski - McDonalds

Rohan Kumar - Microsoft 

Bill Nye - Guest Speaker