Prince Paulraj

AVP, Data Insights, AT&T Chief Data Office

Prince Paulraj is an accomplished ML/AI leader known for delivering meaningful and actionable insights that delivered value for AT&T across multiple organizations, including “Global Fraud Management”, “Internet of Things”, “Field Operations”, “Global Supply Chain Management”, and “Finance – TAX”. He currently manages a team of ~200 people include data scientists, big data engineers and developers in the Chief Data Office with a multi-level and globally distributed org design. He and his team develop machine learning models, applying AI, and build end-to-end automated actionable insights across many areas of the company. Strategic thinker with a sales mentality, as well as analytical ability with strong technical experience and a proven ability to execute strategy. He innovated and developed AI products like “AI driven domain agnostic matching and mapping”, “AI Ops” for improving operational efficiency within AT&T IT operations, “Enterprise Feature Store for Machine Learning” and “Real Time recommendation engine”.

Past sessions

AT&T has been involved in AI from the beginning, with many firsts; “first to coin the term AI”, “inventors of R”, “foundational work on Conv. Neural Nets”, etc. and we have applied AI to hundreds of solutions. Today we are modernizing these AI solutions in the cloud with the help of Databricks and a variety of in-house developments. This talk will highlight our AI modernization effort along with its application to Fraud which is one of our biggest benefitting applications.

In this session watch:
Mark Austin, VP, Data Science, AT&T Chief Data Office
Prince Paulraj, AVP, Data Insights, AT&T Chief Data Office