Sam Shah

VP of Engineering, Databricks

Sam Shah is VP of Engineering at Databricks and head of the company’s data strategy. Dr. Shah has a diverse set of experience as a data executive and founder of an AI startup.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Databricks on Databricks: AMA with Data Engineering SMEs

May 26, 2021 11:30 AM PT

Data engineers and data leaders are the linchpin of every data-driven organization. Today's data engineers face a number of critical use cases: ensuring the organization has access to clean, reliable data, maintaining governance and security as the organization scales, and providing access to data teams for analysis. Join this session for live Q&A with our SMEs to learn how we at Databricks face these challenges head-on by leveraging the Databricks lakehouse platform.

In this session watch:
Jason Pohl, Principal Solution Architect, Databricks
Mike Hamilton, VP of IT , Databricks
Stacy Kerkela, Director of Engineering, Databricks
Suraj Acharya, Director Engineering, Databricks
Sam Shah, VP of Engineering, Databricks