Sol Rashidi

Chief Analytics Officer, Estée Lauder

With 7 patents and voted “50 Most Powerful Women in Tech” and” Top 100 Innovators in Data & Analytics”, Sol has been in the data and analytics space before it became ‘cool’. While she’s a self-proclaimed ‘geek’, her ability to articulate and communicate complex disciplines into non-complex concepts for the business has always invited her to sit with the business, having her teams bridge the gap and codify the partnership between IT & Business (her team playing the overlap in a classic Venn Diagram). Outside of work, Sol is married with two young kids, enjoys EDM Music, going to Music Festivals, Interior & Graphic Design, Bespoke Cocktail Making, Working Out, and she’s become a voracious reader over the past few years.


Wednesday Afternoon Keynote Summit 2021

Join the afternoon keynotes, where we bring together the community to learn from thought leaders in Data + AI. 

In conversation with Michael Lewis and Charity Dean: Michael Lewis, NYT best-selling author and Charity Dean, a real life“character” of his upcoming new book, The Premonition, will give our audience insight on how a group of scientific misfits used technology and data to anticipate the pandemic and how to make sense of it quickly. 

Sol Rashidi will be speaking on becoming a CJO.  Sol is currently the Chief Analytics Officer at Estee Lauder and has held executive roles on data strategy at Merck, Sony, Royal Caribbean, EY, and IBM.  She's joining us to share insights on how practitioners in the Data + AI community should adopt a product-centric mindset.