Xavier Tordoir - Databricks

Xavier Tordoir

Cofounder, Data Fellas

After completing a Ph.D in experimental atomic physics, Xavier focused on the data processing part of the job, with projects in finance, genomics and software development for academic research. During that time, he worked on timeseries, on prediction of biological molecular structures and interactions, and applied Machine Learning methodologies. He developed solutions to manage and process data distributed across data centers. Since leaving academia a couple of years ago, he provides services and develops products related to data exploitation in distributed computing environments, embracing functional programming, Scala and BigData technologies.



Share and analyse genomic data at scale with Spark, Adam, Tachyon and the Spark NotebookSummit Europe 2015

Genomics and Health data is nowadays one of the hot topics requiring lots of computations and specially machine learning. This helps science with a very relevant societal impact to get even better outcome. That is why Apache Spark and its ADAM library is a must have. This talk will be twofold. First, we'll show how Apache Spark, MLlib and ADAM can be plugged all together to extract information from even huge and wide genomics dataset. Everything will be packed into examples from the Spark Notebook, showing how bio-scientists can work interactively with such a system. Second, we'll explain how these methodologies and even the datasets themselves can be shared at very large scale between remote entities like hospitals or laboratories using micro services leveraging Apache Spark, ADAM, Play Framework 2, Avro and Tachyon.