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Yael Garten

Siri Director of Data Science and Engineering, Apple

Yael Garten is Siri Director of Data Science and Engineering at Apple. She leads a team of engineers and data scientists whose vision is to improve Siri by using data as the voice of Apple’s customers and whose mission is to drive understanding and impactful decision making and modeling through rigorous use of data and through a culture of data excellence within the cross functional Siri organization.

Previously, Yael was Director of Data Science at LinkedIn. Yael is an expert at converting data into actionable product and business strategy. Her team partners with cross-functional teams to optimize the Siri user experience, creating powerful data-informed machine learning products. Yael champions data culture and data quality, has devised organizational best practices and developed and evangelized internal tools to democratize data within companies.

Yael has a Biomedical Informatics PhD from Stanford University School of Medicine, where her research focused on information extraction and semantic understanding via natural language processing of scientific text, to predict and understand how human genetic variations impacts drug response. Yael holds an MSc from Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. She lives in Mountain View, California, with her husband and 3 children.

Specifically related to the context of this presentation – For over 20 years Yael has worked across silos and organizations, across job functions and levels of seniority, building teams and putting in place practices and foundations to ensure organizations are data-informed – by way of team talent, culture, process, and tools. She has spoken frequently on these topics at large conferences and is particularly passionate about ensuring that data scientists are set up for success, and that all professionals, women and men, experience rewarding career growth, play to their strengths, and find ways of pushing themselves to grow.