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Young Bang

Chief Growth Officer, Atlas Research


Using Machine Learning to Evolve Sports EntertainmentSummit 2020

Consistent across time, sports organizations strive for success and to be the best. However, winning on the field is not sufficient to succeed as an organization as sports entertainment evolves. From fans changing the way they attend and watch games to sponsors changing the way they market to those fans, sports organizations need to look holistically at their operations and the connection between fan engagement, sponsorship, game/player analysis, and business operations. The team that evolves to an analytics-driven, integrated organization and connects these facets will win on and off the field.

  • Fan Engagement - By integrating multiple data sources, organizations can build an enhanced fan profile that highlights who they are, where they come from, what they bought, and their interests leading to an increased fan base, higher satisfaction, and higher attendance.
  • Sponsorship - By using an enhanced fan profile, organizations can maximize their sponsorship opportunities through targeted marketing, cross-promotions, and in-stadium advertising leading to increased customer reach and sales opportunities.
  • Game and Player Analysis - By capturing and analyzing game footage, player metrics, and conducting skill assessments organizations gain a competitive edge leading to success on the field.
  • Business Operations - By integrating business systems (e.g. financial, ticketing, CRM, etc) organizations can immediately identify how one part of the organization impacts the other leading to increased revenue and overall success.