Databricks Certified Developer:
Exam Policy and Guidelines


  • Exam Preparation: Please visit the Databricks Developer Certification page to view exam preparation recommendations.
  • Exam Time: Databricks Certified exams are 180 minutes, closed book.
  • Exam Reschedule Policy: Databricks certification exams offered through Kryterion on-site have a seventy-two hour (3-day) reschedule policy. Online proctored exams have a 24-hour reschedule policy. If you cancel or reschedule outside of the timeframe, you may incur penalty fees.
  • Exam Cancellation Policy with a Voucher: Exam voucher codes are one-time use only. If you decide to cancel the exam, you will have to purchase a new voucher code.
  • Expired Voucher Codes: Expired and unused voucher codes will not be replaced.
  1. Click the “Create New Account” link in the upper right corner and follow the instructions.
  2. Complete the online form and click save.
  3. Schedule and pay for an exam.