Data-Driven Water Security with Bluemix Apache Spark Service - Databricks

Data-Driven Water Security with Bluemix Apache Spark Service

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Water Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing safe water solutions where needed around the world. The IBM jStart team is helping Water Mission to analyze water consumption data from Water Mission’s treatment stations in Uganda and Tanzania. Bluemix Apache Spark service is used to combine and correlate data with socio-economic and weather data, look for behavioral patterns, predict water shortages, and suggest changes to the way the stations are operated in order to increase delivery of safe drinking water within the local communities.

About Vladimir Stemkovski

Vladimir is an IT Architect with the IBM Emerging Internet Technologies, jStart Team since 2001. Over the years Vladimir has performed a number of key roles including architect, project manager, and technical consultant. Most recently Vladimir has been involved into projects which require use of NLP (Natural Language Processing), Spark, various cognitive Watson services and other cloud based analytic tools and technologies. In his free time Vladimir enjoys the sport of orienteering, mountain hiking, improvisational comedy and the game of bridge.