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on one common platform for all data use cases


Unify your data ecosystem
with open source, standards, and formats


Unify your data teams
to collaborate across the entire data and AI workflow

SQL analytics on all your data

A SQL-native environment to query and visualize data directly in your lakehouse and easily share your insights by grouping visualizations into live dashboards. Additionally, you can use your existing BI tools to directly analyze data in your data lake. Learn more →

Collaborative notebooks

Author data science, data engineering, and machine learning notebooks using Python, SQL, R, and Scala. Native collaboration features within notebooks allow teammates to work together in real-time, comment, and share. Learn more →

Reliable data engineering

Delta Lake combines the openness and flexibility of data lakes with the reliability and performance of data warehouses to provide on data foundation to store and manage all of your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Learn more →

Production machine learning

Databricks can manage the entire machine learning workflow from model development to production model serving in a collaborative, open environment with support for all of the major machine learning frameworks. Learn more →


The Data Team Effect

Learn how data teams are solving the world’s toughest problems

Hyperloop is pioneering the fifth mode of transportation. Before they even broke ground, Virgin Hyperloop’s Data Team built the whole thing out of data. See how.

Piloting drones to deliver life-saving medical supplies into remote communities, Zipline’s Data Team leverages massive amounts of data to minimize risk and maximize impact.

Powering the company’s drive to monitor their fleet of heating, cooling and power equipment in over 75 countries, Aggreko’s Data Team maximizes performance.


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