Powering a Startup with Apache Spark - Databricks

Powering a Startup with Apache Spark

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In Between (A mobile App for couples, downloaded 20M in Global), from daily batch for extracting metrics, analysis and dashboard. Spark is widely used by engineers and data analysts in Between, thanks to the performance and expendability of Spark, data operating has become extremely efficient. Entire team including Biz Dev, Global Operation, Designers are enjoying data results so Spark is empowering entire company for data driven operation and thinking. Kevin, Co-founder and Data Team leader of Between will be presenting how things are going in Between. Listeners will know how small and agile team is living with data (how we build organization, culture and technical base) after this presentation.
Session hashtag: #EUent8

About Kevin (Sangwoo) Kim

Data Team Lead, Between (from 2011) – Founder of Korea Spark User Group – Committer and PMC member of Apache Zeppelin