Using Apache Spark for Intelligent Services

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Salesforce is developing Einstein which is an artificial intelligence (AI) capability built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. Einstein helps power the world’s smartest CRM to deliver advanced AI capabilities to sales, services, and marketing teams – helping them discover new insights, predict likely outcomes to power smarter decision making, recommend next steps, and automate workflows so users can focus on building meaningful relationships with every customer.
Salesforce is using Apache Spark (batch, streaming, GraphX and ML) to power the Einstein platform and services. In this keynote and demo, Alexis will highlight how Salesforce is building intelligent Services for Einstein using activity data by leveraging Spark and Databricks to scale data science and engineering.

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About Alexis Roos

Alexis is director of data science and machine learning at salesforce where he is leading a team of data scientists and engineers delivering Intelligent services for Einstein platform. Alexis has over 20 years of engineering and management experience with the last 6 years focused on large scale (10s of TBs of data and billion records) data science & engineering including data preparation, entity resolution, distributed graph processing, machine learning, NLP and deep learning. Alexis started coding as a teen, became an avid 68000 programmer and pursued a MS in CS & Cognitive Sciences when AI was about expert systems.