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.NET for Apache Spark

We present a new, free, open-source framework aimed at making Spark accessible to millions of .NET developers. In this session we will provide a high level overview of the .NET bindings for Spark effort, demonstrate some key capabilities on how you can use and get involved with the effort, and also cover how you can use the .NET bindings for Spark with other .NET frameworks like Databricks’ Delta for building E2E real-time analytics solutions. This will be one fun session with demos galore, so come join us as we get started on the .NET bindings for Spark journey!


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About Rahul Potharaju


Rahul Potharaju is a Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft’s Azure Data group. Previously, he worked as a Researcher in the Cloud and Information Services Lab (CISL) at Microsoft. Rahul’s interests span transforming big data into actionable insights and building planet-scale data-intensive systems, with a particular concentration in analytics-as-a-service clouds. He earned his Computer Science PhD degree from Purdue University in a joint industrial collaboration with Microsoft Research and Computer Science Master’s degree from Northwestern University. He is a recipient of the Motorola Engineering Excellence award and the Purdue Diamond Award. Rahul’s research has been adopted by several business groups inside Microsoft and has won the Microsoft Trustworthy Reliability Computing Award.

About Terry Kim


Terry Kim is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft’s Azure Data group, focusing on scalability, performance, and query optimization. His current work involves enabling Apache Spark for .NET developers.