Accelerate Your Data Engineering Pipeline Development on Databricks and Govern Your Delta Lakehouse

May 26, 2021 03:50 PM (PT)

Modern enterprises depend on trusted data for analytics, AI and data science to drive deeper insights and business value. Now with a cloud-native approach for building data pipelines into and within Delta, customers can use Informatica’s leading Intelligent Data Cloud Management platform to leverage Databricks’ performance, scalability and reliability to accelerate innovation for your business. In this session we will discuss how customers can modernize their on-premises Data Lake and Data Warehouse to a modern architecture centered on Databricks Delta that not only increases developer productivity but also enables data governance for data science and analytics.

In this session watch:
Rodrigo Sanchez Bredee, Sr. Director, Strategic Ecosystems, Informatica


Rodrigo Sanchez Bredee

Currently the Sr. Director of Strategic Ecosystems, Big Data, he is responsible for driving strategic alignment between Informatica and Databricks, among others. Previously Sr. Director, Product Manag...
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