Auto-Train a Time-Series Forecast Model With AML + ADB

May 26, 2021 03:15 PM (PT)

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Supply Chain, Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance often require highly accurate forecasting models in an enterprise large-scale fashion. With Azure Machine Learning on Azure Databricks, the scale and speed to large-scale many-models can be achieved and time-to-product decreases drastically. The better-together story poses an enterprise approach to AI/ML.

Azure AutoML offers an elegant solution efficiently to build forecasting models on Azure Databricks compute solving sophisticated business problems. The presentation covers the Azure Machine Learning + Azure Databricks approach (see slides attached) while the demo covers a hands-on business problem building a forecasting model in Azure Databricks using Azure Machine Learning. The AI/ML better-together story is elevated as MLFlow for Data Science Lifecycle Management and Hyperopt for distributed model execution completes AI/ML enterprise readiness for industry problems.

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Moritz Steller, Architect, Microsoft


Moritz Steller

"Moritz is a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect in AI at Microsoft with a long term focus on AI/ML, AI Business Development and Strategy, DW/BI and Analytics + Data Platform. In particular, he specializ...
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