Becoming a Data Driven Organization with Modern Lakehouse

May 26, 2021 11:30 AM (PT)

Data is the new oil and to transform it into new products, you need a high performing oil refinery. Every organization is realizing the value of creating a data driven culture to accelerate innovation, increase revenue and improve their product.

While most organizations have standardized on Apache Spark for data processing, Delta lake allows for bringing performance, transactionality and reliability to your data. They can unlock significant value with the next generation Lakehouse architecture to run their downstream applications of Machine Learning, AI and Analytics. Through this session, we will explain how you can leverage the Lakehouse platform to make data a part of each business function, the leadership, Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Product, HR teams so they can produce actionable insights to accelerate innovation further and drive revenue for the business.  

In a nutshell, we will cover:

  • Challenges associated with creating a data-driven organization
  • Quick overview of robust Lakehouse architecture (Evolution from Data warehouse to the Data Lake and to the Lakehouse Platform)
  • A primer for creating efficient data pipelines for the downstream application
  • Demo of sql analytics to generate insightful dashboards with examples
In this session watch:
Vini Jaiswal, Customer Success Engineer, Databricks


Vini Jaiswal

Vini Jaiswal is a Senior Developer Advocate at Databricks, where she helps data practitioners to be successful in building on Databricks and open source technologies like Apache Spark, Delta, and MLfl...
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