BOTS TESTING BOTS: From manual to automated testing for conversational AI

May 26, 2021 12:05 PM (PT)

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Testing is a crucial enabler for the success of chatbots and voice assistants. Doing it manually requires enormous time and effort. As DevOps and furthermore AIOps grow in importance, automated testing will remain critical to ensure that bots actually do what their designers intend.

Unlike traditional software where the application follows a predefined flow, a chatbot runs without any restrictions. Talking to a chatbot has no barriers. Combining this with an unpredictable user behavior, it becomes utmost difficult to verify the correctness of conversational AI. Training data and test sets are infinitely large. In fact, quantity plays a mature role in quality assurance for bots but makes it impossible to test manually.

We will tackle the main questions arising: “Why are bots failing?”, “What and how should you test?” and of course mainly “How can we automate the testing and training?”. In addition, you will get hands-on experience in running your first automated tests using Botium.

In this session watch:
Christoph Börner, CEO, Botium GmbH


Christoph Börner

Multiple entrepreneur, developer, tester, keynote speaker and drummer. Studied information technology at the Technical University of Vienna and worked in various fields of software engineering. Active...
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