CI/CD in MLOps – Implementing a Framework for Self-Service Everything

May 26, 2021 03:15 PM (PT)

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How can companies create predictable, repeatable, secure self-service workflows for their Data Science teams? Discover how J. B. Hunt, in collaboration with Artis Consulting, created an MLOps framework using automated conventions and well-defined environment segmentation. Learn how you can achieve predictable testing, repeatable deployment, and secure self-service Databricks resource management throughout the local/dev/test/prod promotion lifecycle.

The first part of the talk will focus on the core values, concepts, and conventions of the framework. The second part of the talk will include a technical demo of how to implement the self-service automation of Databricks resources and code and jobs deployment into Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

In this session watch:
Cara Phillips, Developer, Artis Consulting
Wesly Clark, Architect , J.B. Hunt


Cara Phillips

Cara is a Data Science and MLOps consultant at Artis Consulting. She focuses on developing MLOps strategies and the technical implementation of those strategies in automated CI/CD workflows. Her most ...
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Wesly Clark

Wesly Clark has degrees in Theoretical Mathematics, Computer Science, and a Masters in the Management of Information Systems. Over the course of his career at J.B. Hunt he has focused on establishing ...
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