Graph-Powered Machine Learning

May 26, 2021 12:05 PM (PT)

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Many powerful Machine Learning algorithms are based on graphs, e.g., Page Rank (Pregel), Recommendation Engines (collaborative filtering), text summarization, and other NLP tasks. Also, the recent developments with Graph Neural Networks connect the worlds of Graphs and Machine Learning even further.

Considering data pre-processing and feature engineering which are both vital tasks in Machine Learning Pipelines extends this relationship across the entire ecosystem. In this session, we will investigate the entire range of Graphs and Machine Learning with many practical exercises.

In this session watch:
Jorg Schad, Executive (VP, GM), ArangoDB


Jorg Schad

Jörg Schad is VP of Engineering and Machine Learning at ArangoDB. In a previous life, he has worked on or built machine learning pipelines in healthcare, distributed systems at Mesosphere, and in-mem...
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