Intro to Delta Lake

Delta Lake delivers reliability, security and performance to data lakes. Join this session to learn how customers have achieved 48x faster data processing, leading to 50% faster time to insight after implementing Delta Lake. You’ll also learn how Delta Lake provides the perfect foundation for a cost-effective, highly scalable lakehouse architecture.

About Himanshu Raj

Himanshu Raja is a Sr. Manager of Product at Databricks helping customers build open, scalable, and performant analytics systems. Himanshu holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and MS in Photonics from University of St Andrews, UK. Prior to joining Databricks, Himanshu was at Amazon Redshift and helped build the world’s largest cloud data warehouse.

About Brenner Heintz

Brenner Heintz is a cloud data engineer and Technical PMM at Databricks, where he’s helped to accelerate adoption of Databricks and Delta Lake through initiatives like the Databricks Demo Hub and the Delta Lake cheat sheet. He has also worked on open source projects related to computer vision, smart home automation, and predictive analytics.

About Barbara Eckman

Barbara Eckman is a Senior Principal Software Architect in Customer Experience Technologies at Comcast. She is the Lead Architect for Enterprise Data Discovery and Lineage, with a particular focus on streaming, transforming, storing, governing, and analyzing Big Data.