Low-Code Apache Spark

May 26, 2021 11:30 AM (PT)

Development on Apache Spark can have a steep learning curve. Low-code offers an option to enable 10x more users on Spark and make them 10x more productive from day 1. We’ll show how to quickly develop and test using Visual components and SQL expressions.
Spark Frameworks can standardize development. We’ll show you how to create a framework, using which your entire team will be able to create complex workflows with a few clicks.

In this session watch:
Raj Bains, Founder, CEO, Prophecy.io
Maciej Szpakowski, Co-founder, Prophecy.io


Raj Bains

Raj Bains is the Founder, CEO of Prophecy.io - focused on Data Engineering on Spark. Previously, Raj was the product manager for Apache Hive at Hortonworks and knows ETL well. He has extensive experti...
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Maciej Szpakowski

Maciej Szpakowski is the Co-Founder of Prophecy - Low code Data Engineering on Apache Spark & Airflow. He’s focused on building Prophecy’s unique Code = Visual IDE on Spark. Previously, he founded...
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