Video Analytics At Scale: DL, CV, ML On Databricks Platform

May 27, 2021 03:15 PM (PT)

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Live demo and lessons learned building and publishing an advanced video analytics solution in the Azure Marketplace. This is a deep technical dive into the engineering and data science employed throughout, with all challenges encountered by combining Deep Learning and Computer Vision for object detection and tracking, the operational management and tool building efforts for scaling the video processing and insights extraction to large GPU/CPU Databricks clusters and the machine learning required to detect behavioral patterns, anomalies and scene similarities across processed video tracks.

The entire solution was build using open source scala, python, spark 3.0, mxnet, pytorch, scikit-learn as well as Databricks Connect.

In this session watch:
Claudiu Barbura, Director of Engineering, Blueprint Technologies


Claudiu Barbura

Claudiu is Director of Engineering at Blueprint Technologies, he oversees Product Engineering where he builds large scale advanced analytics pipelines, IoT and Data Science applications for customers ...
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