Kate Sullivan

Technical Curriculum Developer, Databricks

Kate Sullivan is a Technical Curriculum Developer at Databricks with over 15 years experience designing technical courses. Prior to joining Databricks, Kate was the Director of Curriculum and Training at Codesters, developing CS curricula and setting educational standards for schools. Kate lives in Brooklyn and enjoys traveling the city by bike, building furniture, and cooking.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Databricks SQL Analytics Deep Dive for the Data Analyst

May 26, 2021 03:50 PM PT

In this session, we will cover best practices for analysts, data scientists, and SQL developers exploring Databricks SQL Analytics as a solution for their companies. This guided technical tour of the product walks through:

• Creating and working with queries, dashboards, query refresh and alerts
• Constructing queries for semi-structured data, such as json, structs, and arrays
• Navigating the improved Spark SQL Documentation to find and leverage powerful built-in functions to solve common problems
• Creating connections to 3rd party BI and database tools (PowerBI, Tableau, dbVisualizer etc.)

In this session watch:
Doug Bateman, Principal Technical Instructor, Databricks
Kate Sullivan, Technical Curriculum Developer, Databricks


Kate Sullivan