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Melissa Kilby

Senior Research Scientist, Apple

Melissa Kilby is a Sr. Research Scientist at Apple. She is part of a cross-functional team of researchers, engineers, and incident responders in Apple Information Security that focus on innovating ways to protect Apple from attackers. Melissa is passionate about tackling new problem spaces in information security and machine learning that previously had not been possible.

Prior to joining Apple, Melissa worked at Two Six Labs and Booz Allen Hamilton, where she contributed to US Government research projects. She also taught Applied Data Science courses at BlackHat USA.

Melissa holds a PhD from the University of Georgia. During her time as doctoral researcher she applied methods from non-linear dynamical systems and machine learning to advance biomechanics (3D motion sensing) and neuroscience research. She created real-time augmented bio-feedback and virtual reality experiments to study postural control in humans. An opportunity at NASA’s space suit division also gave her the chance to support next generation wearable technology efforts.