Pankaj Rastogi

Developer, Intuit

Pankaj Rastogi is a Staff Software Engineer at Intuit with 10+ years of experience in building frameworks for Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines. At Intuit, he is responsible for the design and development of AI Services. He has previously built and open sourced framework to automate Big Data pipelines at Verizon.

Past sessions

Intuit products increasingly rely on AI solutions to drive in-product experiences and customer outcomes (a realization of Intuit’s AI-driven expert platform strategy). In order to provide complete confidence to Intuit customers through reliable and predictable experiences, we need to ensure the health of all AI solutions by continuously monitoring, managing and understanding them within Intuit products. 

At Intuit, we have deployed 100's of Machine Learning models in production to solve various problems as below:

  • Cash Flow forecasting
  • Security, risk and fraud
  • Document understanding
  • Connect customers to right agents

With so many models in production, it becomes very important to monitor and manage these models in a centralized manner. With very few open source tools available to monitor and manage ML models, data scientists find it very difficult to properly track their models. Moreover, different personas in the organization are looking for different information from the models. For example, the DevOps team is interested in operational metrics. Financial analysts are interested in determining the operational cost of a model and the legal and compliance teams might want to find if the models are explainable and privacy compliant.

At Intuit, we have designed and developed a system that tracks and monitors ML Models across the various Model development lifecycle stages. In this Summit, we will be presenting the various challenges in building such a central system. We would also share the overall architecture and the internals of this system.

In this session watch:
Sumanth Venkatasubbaiah, Senior Engineering Manager, Intuit
Pankaj Rastogi, Developer, Intuit


Pankaj Rastogi