Paul Scott-Murphy

Chief Technology Officer, WANdisco

Paul has overall responsibility for WANdisco’s product strategy, including the delivery of product to market and its success. This includes directing the product management team, product strategy, requirements definitions, feature management and prioritization, roadmaps, coordination of product releases with customer and partner requirements and testing. Previously Regional Chief Technology Officer for TIBCO Software in Asia Pacific and Japan. Paul has a Bachelor of Science with first class honors and a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honors from the University of Western Australia.

Past sessions

Summit 2021 Accelerate Analytics On Databricks

May 26, 2021 04:25 PM PT

Simplify Hadoop migrations to the Azure cloud to accelerate analytics on Databricks.

Enterprises are investing in data modernization initiatives to reduce cost, improve performance, and enable faster time to insight and innovation. These initiatives are driving the need to move petabytes of data to the cloud without interruption to existing business operations. This session will share some “been there done that” stories of successful Hadoop migrations/replications using a LiveData strategy in partnership with Microsoft Azure and Databricks, including:   

  • How to manage large-scale business-critical data migrations to the cloud with zero downtime and zero data loss even as the data is actively changing.
  • How to move your critical data to Databricks in weeks vs. months or even years.
  • How to minimize the risks associated with large scale data migrations by using a LiveData strategy to automate the migrations and enable your engineers to focus on new AI and ML development that drives innovation.
In this session watch:
Jeff King, Director, Microsoft
Paul Scott-Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, WANdisco


Enterprise organizations recognize that on-premises Hadoop environments have become overly expensive to run and maintain and cannot effectively meet today’s Data + Analytics team demands. Business critical initiatives require moving petabytes of data to the cloud in the pursuit of digital transformation initiatives, cost optimization, IT agility, and implementation of AI and Machine learning. However migrating data from Hadoop to Azure to begin data modernization and Spark-based analytics is often stalled by the complexity of migrations. WANdisco and Avanade have developed a methodology to minimize this migration risk and begin petabyte-scale data migration with zero downtime, zero data loss, and faster time-to-value.

Speakers: Paul Scott-Murphy and Alan Grogan

Paul Scott Murphy