Vini Jaiswal

Customer Success Engineer, Databricks

Vini Jaiswal is a Customer Success Engineer at Databricks, working closely with our customers to drive growth and long term successes with cloud and big data implementation. She is passionate about strategizing AI, Machine Learning and Analytics use cases and works with various industry sectors including finance, retail, geospatial, gaming, IoT, Healthcare and many others. Vini’s 7+ years of work experience, includes working as a Lead Data Science Engineer at Citi and Data Analyst at Southwest Airlines.



Best Practices for Building Robust Data Platform with Apache Spark and DeltaSummit 2020

This talk will focus on Journey of technical challenges, trade offs and ground-breaking achievements for building performant and scalable pipelines from the experience working with our customers. The problems encountered are shared by many organizations and so the lessons learned and best practices are widely applicable.

These include:

  • Operational tips and best practices with Apache Spark in production
  • How your choice of overall data pipeline design influences performance and outcomes.
  • Common misconfigurations that prevent users from getting the most out of their Apache Spark deployment.

Attendees will come out of the session with Best Practices and Strategies that can be applied to their Big Data architecture, such as:

  • Optimizing Cost to Drive Business Value
  • Achieving Performance at Scale with Apache Spark and Delta Lake
  • Ensuring security guarantees including, recommendations on handling GDPR and CCPA requests

Audience: The attendees should have some knowledge of setting up the Big Data Pipelines and Apache Spark.